Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Kashmir: Kherishu in Land of turbulence... Welcoming, Courtship, Honeymooning and Varishu

"Welcome to Kashmir" this I had a warm welcome by CRPF constable Mangal Singh at Srinagar airport exit gate last year. It was my first visit to the State Capital of Jammu & Kashmir and invited to presume to speak in Central University, Srinagar. Before visiting Kashmir I was in dilemma through out my journey with escalating thoughts of state turbulence, myriads of bubbles before my eyes while glancing outside the airplane window. Hills draped in somewhat white snow and local people around in gaberdine. 

I was very enthusiastic. The gait I was following as if galloping with joy. A chilled electrifying waves were ebullient in my entire being. I was gazing while in taxi to my rest place around wide eyes open. It was like collection of many different types of homo sapiens near Dal lake mesmerizing me with fear of being victim. I dropped taxi at Dal lake to have a panoramic scenic beauty conferred upon us by nature. 

Strolling towards "Phoolon waala bagh" as the local people suggested, all of sudden I saw a man yelling about and vending Chana Masala with exotic seasoned spices. The way he was yelling I asked him from a distance "Ka ho! Kaun jilaa?"  Astoundingly he glanced at me and grinned "Gopalganj bhaiya"... In return I flew a smile and Hi-Five to him. Actually that vendor was native of Gopalganj Disrict situated in Bihar State. Bihar is also a land of diversity and is famous for many indigenous dialects in different tones. Maithily and Bhojpuri is the prominent language of Bihar. I asked that Vendor in Bhojpuri about his where being? Letting him in elan I reached that Garden of flowers. It was beautiful and well managed by the J&K administration.... 

In the garden I came to know about world famous Three words "I Love You" that termed as "Kherishu" in Kashmiri. You all might have heard a famous song "Kherishu-Varishu"from hindi movie "Harjaee"....was picturised in Kashmir. Kherishu means "I love you" and Varishu means "Ï need you" First experience in Srinagar was very good... gradually will let you all know about travelling and vagabonding experiences.... Catch you later...

Happy Vagabonding... 

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