Thursday, April 14, 2016

Introductory Lucknow: The City of Nawabs, Kebabs and Naqabs.

Dear Friends

This is Dr. Mahfooz commencing this travelogue with a short introduction of my own city Lucknow. Lucknow the City of Nawabs, Kebabs and Naqabs. 

Lucknow hai to mahaz Gumbad-O-Minar nahin,           
(Lucknow is not only of Domes & Minarets)
sirf ek shaher nahin, Koocha-O-Bazar nahin,               
(not only a city of lanes and market)
iske daaman mein mohabbat ke phool khilte hain,        
(in it's hem flower of love effloresce) 
iski galiyon mein farishton ke patey milte hain.             
(addresses of seraphs are common in it's lane) 

Now, think of any city in the world? I am sure your imagination goes ephemeral, what you have felt? Have you met out Lucknow with any other city with it's rich culture, architecture and mannerism? Definitely no, not and can't be. Considering other cities Lucknow is unmatchable, nonpareil and incomparable. 

Lucknow's nawabi heritage, architecture, Lucknowi Nawabi cuisine, Malihabadi mango, and social mannerism (Tahzeeb) all are matchless. People of Lucknow of usually talk in very low and slow pitch mostly using Urdu in it's daily affair. Every jot of Lucknow is very beautiful, it's rich History entwined in eccentric stories of nawabs, mixed cultural heritage, real depiction of secularism and love among followers of different religion, class and community is a picture that Lucknow disperses in the world. 

The Ganga-Jamuni tahzeeb is an exemplified glory. Much of these tahzeeb is lost now but examples can be seen. The belief in secularism that threads people of Lucknow with one another without any discrimination. Lucknow is a cultural unit of India. Lucknow is a land of Nawabs famous for their flamboyant attitude. Wherever you go as soon you disclose about being Lucknowite people comes naturally in and for respect. Respect becomes your omen. To maintain religious solidarity and disperse peace over nation rename INDIA as Lucknow peace will be a destiny. 

To sum up: 

Lucknow waale alag se "jaan" liye jaate hain... 
apni "zabaan" se pahchaan liye jaate hain...     

[Unique Lucknowites can be guessed by their way of conversation]       

                               © Mahfooz Ali

Happy Vagabonding 

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