Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Vagabonding: A New Journey with perspective

Dear Readers,

After playing with the words in the form of poetry, poem and contemporary writing this blog is my tryst with the duly and daily experiences that I sync with my chores, travelling and vagabonding. With this vagabonding I will share my experiences of travelling in this blog. This blog is one of my old blog was nesting inactive to driving active. It was not very difficult to revive or emancipate some dead. Trust me, reviving is easy... be it from life, be it from broken relationship. be it from boring routine, be it from love, be it from sex or from detoxing innate. 

Hope readers will definitely enjoy my experiences with my commuting backpacker. 

To know me more: 

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  • Very soon will update with my youtube channel and dynamic website. 

Let's sum up with a poem depicting I, Me and Myself. 

What Mahfooz Ali Means:

When you hear the name Mahfooz Ali, 
think of love, freedom, education, and his famous speech...'I can’t be common man.'
Mahfooz Ali wants peace, love and cuddle for himself and for others.
Without using violence he will set an example for himself and for all to see.

His love for people is so great, 
Everyone knew him from Locales to beyond his nation.
He wants humanity
and an education to be equal for all.

His famous speech... “I can’t be common man '
Will always encourage all... to let freedom in! 

(c) Mahfooz 

(Being a poet I can't hide myself) 

Love you all.

Happy Vagabonding. 


Ananya Kiran said...

Very interesting post ... Nice read :)

Mahfooz Ali said...

Thanks for encouraging Ananya.

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