Saturday, August 17, 2013

Blue stands for commitment....

N.B.:- After a long gap of two years ..... conniving a thrust for english ... Once again I am here with no anomalies. This poem is depicting the picture of commitment and loyalty a lover possesses for his dame. This is one of my poems rated 8.8/10 in 2007 by US Poetry Club. 

I wish I were blue like the sky
or blue like a sapphire.
If only I were as dark as blueberry.
Blue means peace, 
until a crow's cry.
Blue stands for loyalty and serenity, 
it makes me sleepy and sigh.
Can you name all it's shades, 
please try.
There's winkle, aqua, and topaz.
My favorite shade is the one in the sky.
There is light blue, navy, and indigo.
I like the shade on my jeans that say Levis'.
stands for commitment,
and I sure do try.

(c) Mahfooz Ali 
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